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Dainora Bickauskiene

Registered Nutritional Therapist | DipNT | mNNA | rCNHC 


Being a mother to my 2 wonderful boys helped me grow an interest in the healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet. Whereas, after the birth of my first son I had no idea of what nutrition or diet was required for my boy to grow healthy and strong. It was then that I started developing an interest in the various studies, courses and seminars related to healthy living and nutrition. It led me to CNM College. I knew right away that it was the perfect choice, allowing me to gain a lot of knowledge and practical experience. Finaly, now I am able to offer advice on a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as assist people with resolving their various health issues. I believe that every client has different demands in terms of lifestyle and nutrition and deserves to be treated individually.



I love sharing my knowledge and clinical experience and it gives me immense pleasure to witness my clients improving their health quickly and sometimes dramatically, by making some minor or actually quite substantial changes.



My goal is to motivate you to take responsibility for your own health, making incremental changes to help you reach your optimum health and performance. I focus on the root causes of a range of symptoms and come up with a practical and achievable plan for you to follow. I will develop a personalised program that targets your individual needs based on your symptoms.



Qualifications and training

  • Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (CNM, London)
  • Diploma in Advanced Sports Nutrition (Shaw Academy)
  • Weight Loss Certificate (Shaw Academy)
  • Nutri Advanced Weight Challenge Practitioner
  • Lorisiant Food Intolerance Practitioner
  • My DNA Health Practitioner
  • Member of GDX Genova and Biolab
  • Fully insured




I am committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest health news and scientific research. I attend seminars, lectures, workshops and subscribe to medical journals to keep abreast of current health news articles and to ensure continued professional development. As nutritional therapist East London Essex, I have the ability to attend the most popular and beneficial seminars and conference to my practise.






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