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Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!

Because I know how frustrated you’ve felt dealing with autoimmune diseases. I’ve been in your shoes..

I now have the tools and experience to be able to reverse autoimmune health, balance hormones and heal the gut.

Join me on the personalised nutrition programme to take back control of your autoimmune health, and feel like the healthiest & happiest version of YOU again.

autoimmune nutritionist London


Twelve week programme to teach you how to start your unique healing process


As an autoimmune nutritionist London my approach for autoimmune diseases focuses by addressing the root cause of inflammation through dietlifestyle and stress management rather than focusing on symptoms only.

The aim with the Autoimmune Recovery Programme is to reduce inflammation, support the body’s adrenal glands which regulate immune function and inflammation, and heal the digestive system where health starts and your healing begins.

I use 5-R Programme that supports healthy gut permeability and brings the digestive health back into balance.


»  Remove  »  Replace  »  Repair  »  Re-Introduce  » Rebalance

The Autoimmune Recovery Plan Is For You If:

» You don’t feel well, but all LAB TEST CAME BACK “NORMAL”

» You’ve been suffering with AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE

» Catching COLDS, or INFECTIONS easily

» Often feel UNUSUALLY COLD (e.g. compared to other people)



» Experiencing chronic FATIGUE, or BRAIN FOG, or LACK OF CONCENTRATION

» Suffering with skin conditions like PSORIASISECXEMA

» You’ve been feeling very ANXIOUS and your STRESS has dramatically increased


autoimmune nutritionist in London


autoimmune nutritionist London

It’s time to:

IDENTIFY THE ROOT CAUSES of your underlying health concerns

OPTIMISE IMMUNITY to start recovery process

GAIN CONTROL over your symptoms

MORE CONFIDENT about your ability to heal

HEAL YOUR GUT where your health starts and healing begins

PAIN FREE LIVING to go a whole day without pain & discomfort

BOOST ENERGY with nutritious foods that support your body

BALANCE HORMONES to keep your body running smoothly



What’s Included

autoimmune nutritionist

Private One to One Consultations with your autoimmune nutritionist London and virtually.

Your Own App/Portal to access your personalised nutritional protocols, handouts, track your progress and online chat at any time!

Full health and lifestyle Assessment to help identify possible triggers and to discover imbalances that need support

Personalised Nutrition Plan tailored to your personalised needs & goals. Updated once per month

Lifestyle Plan to help support your healing process, build healthy habits, better sleep and stress management techniques

Supplement Plan if needed. Plus 15 % life time discount on all supplements

Check in Calls between consultations to help you to stay on track

Clinical Tests Recommendations: direct contact with your GP or private laboratories, plus interpretation of tests



Accountability and Coaching between consultations to help you meet your health goals

Goal & Progress Tracking each month to help motivated you and set new goals

AIP Recipes, Helpful Hints & Tips to help keep you on track

AIP Resources & Handouts to help you continue on your journey once the programme has finished



Enjoy Evidence-Based Nutritional Strategies!

As an autoimmune nutritionist in London, I understand the critical role that nutrition plays in managing autoimmune diseases. Through personalized dietary adjustments, you can effectively combat the effects of these conditions and enhance your overall well-being. Certain foods have the potential to trigger inflammation or worsen autoimmune responses, underscoring the importance of tailored nutritional plans.

My approach involves creating personalized nutritional strategies tailored to your specific symptoms and health history. By eliminating harmful foods and incorporating nutrient-dense alternatives, we aim to support your body’s natural healing process and manage autoimmune conditions effectively.

However, my services go beyond mere nutritional guidance. I take into account your complete needs, preferences, and lifestyle factors to develop a plan that is not only effective but also practical and sustainable for your everyday life. As your autoimmune nutritionist in London, I am committed to empowering you to take control of your health and well-being.

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