Weight Loss

Weight loss And Nutritional Therapy

Weight loss nutritionist looks at root cause of weight gain and build a personalised nutritional protocol to achieve the best results you need.

As with any journey, to get to a new destination you need to have a plan. You need to know where you are now, what you want to get and I can show you how to reach your goals.

The common causes of weight gain:

  • Low thyroid function
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Menopause
  • PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • High cortisol levels
  • Oestrogen dominance
  • Excess testosterone in women
  • Insulin resistance
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Food intolerances
  • Nutrient deficiencies

Why so many of us don’t lose weight on very-low-calorie-diet?

Despite doing everything you can, including eating less—maybe a lot less—you still not losing weight as you want. In fact, you might even be gaining.

When a person goes on a very low-calorie diet for an extended period of time, their body goes into a type of “starvation mode.” If they lose more than two pounds per week, they can end up losing muscle mass in addition tot the fat, which will negatively affect their metabolism. The body also sees this decrease in energy as a time to hold onto what it does have, increasing the metabolism even more.

Why weight gain occurs after weight loss?

When you come back to old eating habits, after following very-low-calorie-diet you probably will gain your old weight back and plus more. Following diets, you decrease your metabolic rate. This is why so many people feel that they don’t eat that much but still gain weight. It’s true! To add insult to injury, some studies suggest when people go back to their original eating habits, they gain fat tissue rapidly instead of lean body mass.

How to increase metabolism?

There are a few steps you can take to get your metabolism fired up again. The main step is to stop following low-calorie diets. Many popular diet programmes will estimate your calories using a calculation. This often sets you up for a lower-calorie level than you may need.

How I can help you as weight loss nutritionist?

As weight loss nutritionist, I help women and men to lose weight through hormonal balance, gut health and metabolic health. My approach to weight loss is by addressing the root cause of your weight loss issues, look at your diet, sleep, exercise, and stress levels. I’ll guide you how and what to eat to ensure that weight loss is a by-product of a healthy you.

Client Testimonials

  • “Not only is Dainora an amazing nutritionist with great ideas who I learned SO much from, but my one-on-one meetings with her where were most inspirational and supportive.  I always left with a sense of confidence that I could do, or cook, anything!”
  • I can't thank you enough for your help in helping me to resolve my health issues. Thanks to you my health has improved dramatically, my psoriasis has cleared up and my energy came back. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.
    Ina Jones
  • Dainora did a wonderful job completely changing my relationship with food. She took time to analyse, assess and ask questions. She managed to change my habits, taught me how to eat mindfully, what to eat and what to avoid in my diet. My cravings disappeared, I feel healthy and energised. I feel great. Dainora is very knowledgeable, empathetic and approachable. Within a few sessions my expectations were far overachieved. The help she provided was inspiring and action oriented and made a huge impact on my wellbeing. Thank you Dainora
  • Dainora is very friendly and helpful. I was suffering daily with bloating and indigestion after eating food. I also suffered from fatigue and aching muscles. Dainora has helped me change my diet, my health and my life. I'm a lot happier and feel a lot better. I would definitely recommend.
  • I have been very lucky to find Dainora! She has completely changed my relationship with food and I now feel 100% better in myself. I was suffering with the effects of an underactive thyroid such as tiredness, itchy skin, cold feet and hands, low mood and bloating. Dainora devised a personal eating plan for me which resulted in an immediate improvement in my sleep quality, weight loss (I'm very happy about that!) and an overall general feeling of wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Daniora!
  • I highly recommend Dainora, she helped me as I needed to get the advice and guidance on how to improve my health ( especially after covid and after antibiotics use), with the bundle of problems I had. I’m so delighted with her practical advices and recommendations which have delivered results.
  • Dainora is brilliant! She is super knowledgeable and very passionate, and has gone along way in improving my health through her sound advice. I have learnt so much from her and would highly recommend her services. Thank you so much Dainora - You have been a star!
  • Dainora helped me reduce the inflammation and pain in my body from arthritis by advising me about an anti inflammatory diet. She also recommended vitamin supplements which together with the diet boosted my energy levels and provided better mental clarity. She was attentive and specific to my needs. I would highly recommend her.
  • Helped me a lot with IBS, digestive problems. I highly recommend! Now I have directions how to deal with it for all my life!
  • I'v totally loved working with Dainora. She have genuinely helped my health recover from a horrid time in my life. I had no idea what to do OR how to get my life back on track. I do believe that I would be still stuck in the same routine and lifestyle if it wasn’t for her & Dainora's experience/expertise.
    I hope Dainora realise what a difference she makes to people’s life’s. BIG thank you !

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