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Have You Experienced The Following Symptoms?

Excessive weight gain

Chronic fatigue

Joint pain, muscle pain often with swelling

Muscle weakness

Digestive distress

Poor hormonal health

Poor sleep cycle or insomnia

These are common symptoms of autoimmunity. It is not that your immune system isn’t robust enough, but rather it is misguided. In addition to targeting invaders, it also begins targeting the body’s healthy cells. If you experience these effects, conventional medicine may do very little to manage get to the root cause of your symptoms. To better manage your symptoms, you should opt for nutritional therapy which may help you to find your possible triggers!

Nutritionist Ealing

Hi, I’m Dainora

I have been battling autoimmunity (psoriasis and hypothyroidism) for several years. As an experienced nutritionist Ealing, I found wellness in the right nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes. I now share the knowledge I have accumulated through my experiences with people like you, who can benefit from it.

Nutrition therapy is a game-changer in dealing with unexplainable health conditions, often linked with autoimmunity, hormonal imbalances, or irregular weight. As an autoimmune expert and nutritional therapist, I offer you nutrition plans that are fully personalized to help counter the effects of these health conditions.

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Psoriasis, Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, Sarcoidosis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, & many more


Acid Reflux, Bloating, Indigestion, Leaky Gut, Foods Sensitivities & Intolerances


Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Addison’s Disease, Diabetes, Grave’s, Endometriosis, PCOS & Weight Loss


Frequent Infections, Allergies, Sensitivities, Hay Fever


Nutritional & Lifestyle Strategies, Improving Resilience, Anxiety, Low Mood, Foggy Brain, Low energy, Fatigue, Insomnia and Sleep Quality


Balanced Diet, Weight Loss Plan, Optimal Nutrition & Wellbeing

nutritionist Ealing

I Use The 5R Framework!

As Nutritionist in Ealing like incorporating the 5-R program that supports digestive health, regulates immune function, and reduces inflammation. The 5 R Framework includes the following:

  • Removing the foods that cause imbalances and aggravate symptoms
  • Replacing enzymes, hydrochloric acid, bile, and digestive enzymes that may be compromised by illness or age with nutrients that support healthy digestion
  • Repairing the body’s health and immune function and repairing the gut lining to restore gut health
  • Re-Introducing your body to healthy microbiota or propagating healthy gut flora
  • Rebalancing the lifestyle through healthier mindfulness practices, including reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing physical activity.

Conditions I Support

Nutritional therapy uses foods and supplements in a way that supports the body and its natural healing processes. Nutritionist Ealing offers a fully personalized plan that takes into account your health history, current symptoms, diet, and your lifestyle. The nutrition plans are available for a wide range of health concerns, including:

  • Autoimmunity concerns
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Poor gut health
  • Weight gain
  • Frequent infections and allergies
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Poor digestive health
  • Irregular sleep cycle
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • And many more!


Virtual Nutritionist in Ealing!

I understand how difficult it can be to balance work with life and healing. This is why I offer highly flexible, virtual consultation services to those who seek them. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation at your convenience, saving both time and money spent commuting. Stay connected with me throughout your healing from the comfort of your home!


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I will analyze your nutrition and recommend the best mix of foods needed to restore health. It all starts with a one-on-one conversation!


I offer a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call for beginners who are unsure of what their path should look like. During your consultation, we will look at your health concerns and the symptoms you experience, and I will recommend a nutrition plan accordingly. You can then choose to sign up for my nutrition plan, where I stick with you every step of the way, offering mentorship and support to reduce your symptoms. Sign up for your Discovery Call today!


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