You can see me IN PERSON, or have ONLINE consultation via Skype, which means you can have one to one nutrition consultations almost anywhere in the world.


What To Expect From A Nutritional Consultation


The Consultation will always be held in private and total confidentiality is guaranteed. A family member is always welcome to accompany a patient, but only at the patient’s request. However, a minor under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present at every Consultation.


The Initial Consultation includes:

  • In-depth Health and Lifestyle Assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle.
  • Body composition analysis (BP, weight, BMI, waist to hip ratio etc.)
  • Food Diary Review
  • Clinical tests recommendations and interpretation (if required)
  • Personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan



Booking the consultation:

  • A Free 15min Discovery call to discuss your needs
  • Complete a health questionnaire and 5 day’s food and drink diary prior to our first consultation which are to be completed and returned back to me via email at least 48 hours before our session

What do I need to bring?

  • A list of all pharmaceutical medicines and supplements you are currently taking
  • Any recent medical test results if available
  • Your weight, height, hip (widest, fullest are) and waist (narrowest point between hip and ribs, measured whilst breathing out) measurement.


The Consultation Itself:

The first appointment will last 90 minutes (Face to Face / Skype / Face Time)

This is where we discuss your health concerns. We will use the questionnaire as bases for further investigation of your case history, medications, current diet and lifestyles. Together you will agree on your health goals for the consultation, using this, I will work with you to agree a realistic programme for you to follow.

Within 3 days of the consultation I will provide you with a personalised nutrition plan that will also address lifestyle, explanation of any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and advice on ways to correct these. A supplemental protocol, recommended diagnostic tests and referrals to other healthcare practitioners will also be included if appropriate to the case.

Follow-up Consultation(s):

The follow-up appointment will last 30 to 45 minutes (Face to Face / Skype / Face Time)

Follow up consultation is usually arranged 4-6 weeks after our first meeting (sooner for weight loss clients). The follow up consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss how your symptoms have changed, evaluate how well the treatment plan has worked, and make any changes necessary.

Within 3 days, I will provide you a detailed nutritional programme for the next stage of your treatment:  including diet, lifestyle and/ or supplements tailored to suit you.

Are you available for advice and support between consultations?

I provide ongoing support for my clients so you can get the most out of your consultation process.  Please contact me for a free discussion if you are interested in seeing me for a nutritional therapy consultation.



If you would like to discuss your health issues and are wondering whether nutritional therapy is the right choice for you, please call me on 07510911068 or send me an email

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