Healthy Weight Loss Programme

Struggling with weight loss?

Tried every fad diet under the sun, yet still can’t shift the pounds?

The healthy weight loss programme will help you to change ‘unhealthy’ habits to healthy sustainable changes. It is a practical, which will motivate and support you on your journey to great health.

Blood sugar balancing is key to weight loss and hormonal control. I’ll guide you how and what to eat to ensure that weight loss is a by-product of a healthy diet.

My goal is to provide you support and the skills to control your weight for life.

Weight (Fat) Loss Programme

How the programme works

I will mentor you through weekly or fortnightly meetings over a period of 12 weeks. On booking your programme, you will receive a health questionnaire and a 3 day food diary to be completed and returned for preliminary assessment. I will start building your case by analysing your symptoms, medical condition, health & lifestyle assessment.

I will work with you to agree a realistic programme for you to follow. You will receive a personalised protocol with diet recommendations, lifestyle changes and supplementation that work together to achieve your weight (fat) loss goals.

Each follow up appointment will give us the opportunity to review your food diary, provide accountability, evaluate how well the programme has worked, and make any changes necessary. 

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What to expect from the consultations



The Discovery Package is design to get to know you, look at your health profile, diet, lifestyle and start building your weight (fat) loss  programme. Working together we will decide how much accountability and my support you will need to achieve your goals and feel better.

What’s Included:

 1 x 75 minutes Initial Consultation with health profile, diet and lifestyle review

 1 x 45 minutes Follow Up – three to five days after the initial consultation – go over your starter programme and to answer any questions

The Personalised Starter Programme Includes:

 Simple to follow nutrition plan to help you form new habits

 All materials including dietary model, meal ideas and recipes

 Effective lifestyle and stress reduction strategies

 Nutrition hand-outs

 Personalised supplement and lifestyle recommendations

 Recommended clinical tests

The cost of supplements and laboratory testing is not included.


Follow up consultations are design to clients who have completed the Discovery Package and want to dive deeper and to lose weight healthily with my support. During the follow up we will review the progress, achievements or discuss the challenges have faced.

What’s Included:

 Follow Up Consultation (60 mins)

 It will give us the opportunity to discuss how your symptoms have changed

 Evaluate how well the starter programme has worked

 A Personalised 2 week Follow Up Programme

 Symptom and progress review questionnaires throughout 

 Supplement and lifestyle review

 Coaching and accountability support

The cost of supplements and laboratory testing is not included.

Let’s make your programme!


It is unlikely that you will fully achieve your health and weight loss goals through a ‘one-off’ appointment, which is why I would recommend to work with me for three months.

Choose the most appropriate 3 months programme to suits your needs

 1 Discovery Package + Fortnightly follow ups

 1 Discovery Package + Weekly follow ups

Most people who come to see me need support every two weeks in the first few months and then every 4 weeks thereafter. However, everyone is different and I can adapt the frequency of our follow-ups to your changing needs.

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