Healthy Weight Loss Programme


We All Want Quick Fixes, But Quick Fixes aren’t Sustainable! 



The Weight Management Programme



As with any journey, to get to a new destination you need to have a plan. You need to know where you are now, where you want to get to and how you are going to get there. Taking the time to plan a program for yourself is an important first step to long term success.

My goal is to provide you with the skills to control your weight for life I will guide you on how and what to eat to balance your blood sugar levels. By eating in this way you will start to feel more energised and more in control, your weight will stabilise. Healthy Weight Loss / Weight Management Program is a practical, which will motivate and support you on your journey to great health.



The Weight Management Programme is for People who would like to


Stop dieting

Eat the food they love

Identify why they overeat

Being the weight you want to be

Eat a healthy balance of nutrient rich food-easily without stress

Go out with friends and enjoy a meal without guilt

Taking back control of their health

Rebalance their body

Increased energy

Better sleep quality

Glowing skin

Balanced hormones

Stable moods

Be happy and confident in their body






What Happens during the Weight Loss Programme?



Fill out the CONTACT US form to book your FREE 30 minutes Discovery Call to discuss your needs. I will then send you a health questionnaire, 3 day’s food diary and terms of agreement form which are to be completed and returned back to me via email at least two days prior to your initial consultation.  

At the initial consultation I will take a detailed health history questionnaire as bases for further investigation of your case history, medications, current diet and lifestyles. Together you will agree on your health goals for the consultation, using this, I will work with you to agree a realistic programme for you to follow. Each follow up appointment will give us the opportunity to review your food diary, evaluate how well the treatment plan has worked, and make any changes necessary. 


The most important aspect is, learning to eat mindfully. Knowing your food triggers and how to manage them is key to ending diets for good.




Choose your package

From £229

It is unlikely that you will fully achieve your weight loss goals through a ‘one-off’ appointment, which is why I offer a range of programmes each tailor made to support you with your weight loss goals. The continued support included in each programme ensures you get the information and inspiration that you need at a pace that works for you. I am happy to tailor individual programmes to suit you, so if the these packages aren’t what you are looking for please do contact me to discuss your requirements.


All packages include:

  • Weekly meetings
  • An individualised plan each time: Meal & snack ideas, recipes, food tables etc.
  • Specific advice for the client’s goals, supplement & lifestyle advice
  • Health report (BP, BMI, waist to hip ratio) 
  • Nutrition Plan and Food diary reviews
  • Coaching and accountability support to help you meet your health goals
  • Health and nutrition topics to inspire you
  • Life time discount card from ‘Revital’ to purchase supplements



Please see the PACKAGES page for more information on this.


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